Around here, My name is Aicha the co-founder of fastfood.recipes . What matters is that you are relaxed in the kitchen. I’ve learned to cook meals that are amazing in a short period of time. At fastfood.recipes we make use of simple ingredients with short and easy steps that one can follow easily, and what’s left of it tastes even better the next day.


Our aim is to provide you with recipes that are easy to follow, have lots of flavors, and are not at all expensive to make that you can use in feeding your friends and family.

Why are you here? I hope you were able to get a recipe or picture that made you go “mmmmmmm” and click on our site. Our aim is to provide you with different kinds of foods that you’ll be happy to eat and drink. This is not just the usual “hey that was pretty good” bite. I mean food that you’ll do anything to have. Good food!

Cooking for the people in my life has always been something that gives me joy. And I want everybody to feel the same. Perceive amazing food aromas, hear the fun cooking sounds, and also eat the amazing food you cooked. Don’t forget cocktails! It’s just so fun. Cocktails are party drinks. Discuss, relax mix with people. Have fun with your friends, make it a night to remember! This site helps you enjoy good food and have fun at it, while also trying new things.

We don’t go overboard here, yes drinking, decadence, and desserts are all fun. Don’t start thinking crazy thoughts like that of us eating bacon jam sandwiches with brie and Guinness all the time. This happens only on Saturdays.


  • I always think of you when I’m putting together a recipe that I’ll put on the site. In my mind, I think of families, single people that are conscious of their spending and those of you that can’t even cook to save your life. I imagine that you’re reading the instructions from my recipe and following every step while standing in your kitchen.
  • We’re aware that you’re human, and that you spent money on buying your ingredients. You’re really taking your time to prepare my recipes and most importantly, you’re hungry.
  • When you prepare any of my recipes, the aim is for you not to waste your time and money, The idea is to help make life easy for you when you prepare food that you’ll love and still want a second helping at that.



For people like me who love to cook and enjoy eating wholesome food, but do not want to stop eating their favorite dishes and spend a lot of time buying and cooking expensive ingredients, my recipe has become a resource that can be trusted.

You’ll find a lot of recipes on my blog that is very easy to follow and make right from the scratch motivated by my travels, seasonal favorites and my precious recipes that were passed down to me.

In order for you to be able to cook confidently, I’ll be share tips that you’ll find helpful in the kitchen, step-by-step photos, and video lessons.

The focus of my recipes are on the incorporation of several food groups like vegetable, whole grains, fruit, and healthy fats, my recipes are healthy and do not make use of too many ingredients that have been processed (and can be found in any grocery store near you).

My specialties are healthy meals, most especially one-pan meals, and 30-minute meals, with recipes for a slow cooker.

I also have recipes for healthy breakfast, healthy treats, and also some deserts, just because I’m not ready to live without chocolate!